Daniel Haas

I'm a director of engineering at B12, thinking about ways for automation to make work easier.


About Me

After spending a few amazing months as a 'Fellow', I'm now full-time with the team at B12, envisioning a future where creative, talented experts can focus on the interesting parts of their work, letting technology like Orchestra take care of the rest.

I recently completed my dissertation on the design of computer systems that coordinate crowdsourced human workers to analyze large datasets quickly enough to fit into automated data analysis workflows. I was advised by Prof. Michael Franklin in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley. Before that, I worked in the Children's Hospital Informatics Program at Boston Children's Hospital designing storage systems, dataflows, and applications for managing patient information. I completed my undergraduate education in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University in 2010.


Outside of the knowledge playground, I've been lucky enough to find Aleksandra Kuczmarska-Haas, an amazing wife and a resident in radiation oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We own a little blue home in Middleton, WI, and in my spare time I play frisbee, soccer, and mediocre online chess, and enjoy cooking the odd risotto or traveling the world (recent trips include Poland/Budapest, the Galapagos, and Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia).